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Do you get fed up of Cleaning all the weeds, moss and algae every year. Only to have to do it again the following year. Then call the Block Paving Driveway Cleaning experts in Swansea today ....

The majority of enquiries we receive are for Block Paving and Driveway Cleaning and Sealing in Swansea.  Our Cleaning process is as follows – 

Firstly, we use Profressional equipment such as a Petrol Pressure Washer and a Commercial strength Cleaning solution to give a Deep Clean to  your Blockpaving Drive.  

This high powered Pressure Washer is extremely powerful and will  remove all Weeds, Moss, Algae and the sand between the joints.

Secondly, once your Blockpaving Drive is completely Dry we return and brush in fresh ‘Kiln’ sand back into all the joints in the Drive.  

Finally, once this sand has settled we then begin the Sealing process. Which we use an Acrylic based Sealant and this is applied using a Commercial grade Sprayer.

The Acrylic Sealant has sprayed onto the area with a generous application. We always apply two coats of Sealant which pentrates deep into the sand and joints making the sand cilidify.  

Sealing your Driveway using this method will make your driveway look like nearly new again and it also has many benefits such as ongoing protection, inhibits weed growth and allows an easy ongoing Cleaning maintenance programme. 

The Sealer we use comes from a national company called SmartsealWe have completed their training programme and are registered applicators for Smartseal for South Wales. 

Swansea Clean & Seal
Swansea Clean & Seal

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We have the most google reviews in all of South Wales

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